Staffed by security operations center experts

Akamai’s 24×7 global security operations center is staffed by some of the industry’s foremost DDoS mitigation experts and provides DDoS detection and DDoS protection services to Akamai’s customers. These highly skilled cloud security professionals work with Akamai customers during a cyber-attack. They have a powerful array of tools at their fingertips to use to detect, identify and stop all types of DDoS attacks.

A security operations center can stop even innovative and zero day attacks

Many DDoS attacks are concerted efforts by live attackers and, as a result, the characteristics of the attack can change creatively and repeatedly during an attack. While automated anti-DDoS tools and bandwidth reserves are helpful, the skills and availability of the security operations center engineers are critical. Security operations center experts balance DDoS attack loads on-the-fly and combat novel, zero day attacks that have never been seen before.

The security operations centers and the people in them, as well as Akamai’s entire Global Security Services team, are why Akamai is quickly becoming the cloud security service provider of choice around the world, in every industry the company serves.

Video: Security Operations Center

Take a 3-minute video tour of Akamai’s Fort Lauderdale Security Operations Center (SOC), where emergency DDoS protection calls are received and DDoS denial of service attacks are stopped. In this video you’ll see and learn about:

  • Inside the control room;
  • Physical security at the SOC;
  • Attack mitigation tools;
  • An emphasis on training;
  • Innovative shift schedules.