Can DDoS attacks be prevented?

DDoS prevention comes in multiple forms. Often simply engaging an effective DDoS mitigation service to provide your DDoS protection services and displaying a logo to that effect can prevent a DDoS attack. Experienced DDoSers know it is a waste of their time to try to outsmart highly trained DDoS mitigation experts because attacks will quickly be rerouted through DDoS mitigation scrubbing centers, from which only clean traffic will be sent back to the client’s network.

While a DDoS mitigation service can’t prevent every DDoS attack, some can protect you from all types of DDoS attacks , allowing your website to continue serving customers even while under attack.

Planning for DDoS prevention and mitigation

There are a number of ways to prevent the worst effects of a DDoS attack or to mitigate them. Beyond having the right protective systems in place and ensuring sufficient overflow capacity is available, much depends on an active, well-informed incident response. It’s important to work with a DDoS mitigation service to plan and prepare, so that your organizations are ready to respond calmly and effectively if your enterprise is ever the target a DDoS attack.

DDoS prevention, detection and effective mitigation

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